2023 England’s Strongest Man and Woman Contests Results

Meta description: Discover the jaw-dropping results of the 2023 England’s Strongest Man and Woman competitions! Patrick Haynes and Naomi Hadley emerge as champions in a thrilling display of strength and determination. Check out the event details and winners in this exciting recap.

The 2023 England’s Strongest Man (ESM) and England’s Strongest Woman (ESW) competitions took place on August 27, 2023, in Warrington, UK. This thrilling event showcased the incredible strength of 12 top male and eight top female strong athletes from the country. Patrick Haynes secured the top spot among the men, while Naomi Hadley claimed victory in the women’s category.

While these single-day contests ran in parallel, the events themselves were distinct. The 2023 ESM featured challenges such as the Húsafell Stone, Tyre Super Yoke, Kratos Bar Deadlift for Reps, Anvil Farmer’s Walk, and the Log Ladder. Meanwhile, the 2023 ESW featured the Húsafell Stone, Block Press, Max Deadlift, Wolves Pit, and Farmer’s Walk. Here are the results for both contests:

2023 England’s Strongest Man Results

  1. Patrick Haynes — 46 points
  2. Andrew Flynn — 45 points
  3. Max Searby — 43 points
  4. Paul Smith — 38 points
  5. Phil Hawxwell — 35.5 points
  6. Jack Osborn — 30 points
  7. Lewis Packham — 28.5 points
  8. Tom Place — 27.5 points
  9. Josh Norton — 27 points
  10. Joe Oliver — 26.5 points
  11. Sam Ashton — 24 points
  12. Ricky Daly — 16 points

2023 England’s Strongest Woman Results

  1. Naomi Hadley — 37.5 points
  2. Holly Ford — 29 points
  3. Rachel Greener — 29 points
  4. Jemma Featherstone — 23.5 points
  5. Desi Gillespie — 21 points
  6. Lydia Woodhall — 13.5 points
  7. Ashley Pinkney — 12.5 points
  8. Mollie Wagstaff — 10 points

These competitions showcased the incredible strength and determination of the participants, with Patrick Haynes and Naomi Hadley emerging as the strongest in their respective categories.

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