Lasha Talakhadze at the WWC 2023 in Riyadh: A Story of a Great World Champion on the Way to His Olympic Dream [Interview]

When we’re talking about heavy lifts, it’s obvious that the talk will refer to a Georgian super heavyweight lifter Lasha Talakhadze. He isn’t just a skillful lifter, he’s an incredible professional who reaches his goals if he wants something due to his hard work and persistence.

The numbers of his world records are mind-blowing. Each year he shows us impressive lifts and proves his high determination and desire to be the best of the best and in his weight division as well. Such exceptional achievements are the result of great effort and smooth cooperation inside the team, his coach’s support, and personal determination.

This time at the WWC in Riyadh we had a unique opportunity to talk to Lasha personally. So, let’s find out something worthy about the athlete’s life and his preparation process for the competition.

Weather conditions and psychological mindset influence on general form 

The temperature in Saudi Arabia is around 40 degrees Celsius, so it’s quite difficult to get accustomed to such an environment, particularly for heavyweight lifters. Last year at the World Championships in Colombia, Lasha was competing in even worse conditions: high altitude and hypoxia. But here in Riyadh, it’s very very hot, but, fortunately, dry.

Lasha Talakhadze

Moving our conversation further: considering that new athletes appeared in the same weight category, we asked Lasha whether it’s more comfortable for him to compete when he’s the only one favorite in his division. He said that competing just with yourself and the bar isn’t so stressful. But, when he feels that his opponents are pushing on him, he has to focus and work harder. Having a goal helps to mobilize and do his best without looking to the sides.

About training program change after injuries

The time flies fast and now there’s only one year left for the Paris Games. Each Olympic cycle lasts for four years and each time it feels different. The lifter admitted that the previous Olympic cycle was easier for him because he was younger and had fewer injuries. So, it’s important to adjust the weights accordingly.

Lasha Talakhadze

Building up a proper training program for elite lifters is a sort of art, so coaches of the Georgian team need to consider the personal needs of athletes to adapt the training properly and improve their performance. 

Talakhadze said that he used to train more intensively with bigger volumes and reps. But, now the main focus is set on the gradual progression by following the instructions of the coach Giorgi Asanidze. In turn, he takes into account Lasha’s needs and current condition. That’s why the training schedule was changed several times. Lasha said that he still feels much strength, but many injuries are becoming more noticeable too.

Lasha Talakhadze

The Georgian philosophy: three great rules of Lasha’s success

As the strongest man on the planet, Lasha Talakhadze is also very popular on social media. Many say that he’s so big and confident that it seems he never gets nervous. Although the athlete admitted that he’s nervous during the competition, those thoughts don’t influence him, on the contrary, they give him extra energy. This way he manages to show even better results on the platform than during the home training.

Everyone wants to know the rules of success and some recommendations from the World Champion. Lasha advised to believe in yourself first. Then, it’s important to target your thoughts and build a champion inside of you. The third thing is to love what you do.

Lasha Talakhadze

Considering the 4-year preparations for this competition and his great experience, we asked if there was something that he could do better. Lasha answered that his goal is the same as 4 years ago. He has the motto: “Work harder and remember that it’s important to leave sport undefeated”. The only change is that now he’s focusing less on records because of injuries.

After the talk with Lasha, we can sum up that being the Champion is not just about setting new records, it’s about pushing yourself harder with greater effort despite challenges and obstacles. Just chase your dream and push yourself further to become the best version of yourself with no chances to give up.

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