WWC 2023, Day 6 – Men’s 73 kg Results: 18-old Thailand Athlete Takes the gold

This evening we were spectating the contest between the athletes in the Men’s category of 73 kg at the WWC. A great battle was between the representatives of Thailand, China, Turkey, and Latvia.

Category GoldSilverBronze
Snatch🇨🇳Wei Yinting157 kg🇹🇭Wichima Weeraphon154 kg🇱🇻Suharevs Ritvars154 kg
C&J🇹🇭Wichima Weeraphon195 kg🇰🇷Bak Joohyo187 kg🇹🇷Ozbek Muhammed Furkan187 kg
Total🇹🇭Wichima Weeraphon349 kg🇨🇳Wei Yinting337 kg🇹🇷Ozbek Muhammed Furkan334 kg

Congratulations to athletes who got to the podium today. They pushed themselves hard to show such impressive lifts, giving us an opportunity to spectate the real show.

Wichima Weeraphon from Thailand did all possible to defend the title and bring his team the gold award. He got first place due to his great efforts in getting 349 kg in total, 154 kg of Snatch, and 195 kg of Clean & Jerk.

A weightlifter from China, Wei Yinting won the silver medal today with 337 kg total, 157 kg in Snatch, and 180 kg in Clean & Jerk.

A third-place holder Ozbek Muhammed Furkan from Turkey saved bronze in a total of 334 kg, Snatch of 147 kg, and Clean & Jerk of 187 kg.

Let’s remind you of some interesting facts and previous successful wins of today’s leaders.

Wei Yinting Snatch on WWC 2023
Wei Yinting Snatch on WWC 2023

Apparently, this is the first time when Chinese athletes don’t reign on the podium, by getting the second place today. 18-year-old Thai weightlifter Wichima Weeraphon was qualified in the group B, however he showed incredible numbers in Snatch and totals that nobody did from the group A. Earlier in 2022, during the IWF Junior World Championships, he also succeeded to win gold.

A silver medal holder Chinese Wei Yinting is also well-known in the weightlifting world by performing 338 kg total and Snatch in 156 kg at the national weightlifting championship in China Zhejiang in 2021. However, this evening he impressed the audience with his amazing save of Snatch of 157 kg after two ‘no lifts’.

What about a bronze holder Ozbek Muhammed Furkan, he won gold at the 2022 European Weightlifting Championships in Albania with the weights of 149-190-339.

Latvian lifter Ritvars Suharevs didn’t manage to surpass the opponents and took one bronze in Snatch of 154 kg. However, he improved his results compared to 152 kg at the European Championships in Yerevan when he took gold.

Keep following us, the most spectacular battles will be very soon. The most competitive weight divisions are ready to burn the podium.

Read the full report about each day of IWF World Championships 2023 in Riyadh prepared by our media team. Don’t miss the opportunity to stay updated and follow this great event in the Olympic weightlifting world with us from the very beginning till the end!

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