WWC 2023, Day 8 – Men’s 81 kg Results: Italian Oscar Reyes celebrates the win, while Indonesian Rahmat Erwin breaks the WR in C&J

Tension at the Qualifying competitions is growing each day as we’re getting closer to the equator of the WWC in Riyadh. Moreover, starting this week the more competitive weight divisions will compete every day, and the supposed leaders are willing to get on the podium.

Category GoldSilverBronze
Snatch🇺🇿Toshtemirov Mukhammadkodir164 kg🇮🇹Reyes Martinez Oscar163 kg🇦🇲Harutyunyan Rafik162 kg
C&J🇮🇩Rahmat Erwin Abdullah209 kg WR🇧🇬Andreev Bozhidar Dimitrov195 kg🇹🇲Torayev Gaygysyz193 kg
Total🇮🇹Reyes Martinez Oscar356 kg🇮🇩Rahmat Erwin Abdullah354 kg🇺🇿Toshtemirov Mukhammadkodir352 kg

Day 8 brought us two times more impressions as here we had the contest of two categories – Men’s 81 kg and Men’s 89 kg. First, let’s remember the best highlights of the 81 kg division which brought us the following outcomes.

The first-place holder became a weightlifter from Italy Oscar Martinez Reyes who showed his best total of 356 kg, by lifting 163 kg in Snatch and 193 kg in Clean & Jerk.

WWC 2023 Toshtemirov Mukhammadkodir Gold Snatch
WWC 2023 Toshtemirov Mukhammadkodir Gold Snatch

Indonesian athlete Rahmat Erwin took silver today by lifting 145 kg in Snatch, 209 kg in Clean & Jerk, so he got 354 kg in total.

Toshtemirov Mukhammadkodir from Uzbekistan showed a bit worse results than his rivals: 352 kg total, 164 kg in Snatch, and 188 kg in Clean & Jerk.

It needs to be mentioned that overall today’s performance in the 81 kg group was remarkable with the World Record beat by the lifter from Indonesia Rahmat Erwin who lifted an incredible 209 kg. This way he managed to surpass the prior C&J world record of 208 kg made by the Bulgarian Karlos Nasar at the WWC in 2021.

By the way, Erwin is also the current world record holder in C&J: previously he lifted 200 kg at the World Championships in Bogota 2022, but in the 73 kg weight division.

A gold winner Italian Martinez Reyes has already got gold at the European Weightlifting Championships in Yerevan with the result of 155-188-343. So, as we can see he succeeded to improve his lifts in two exercises and total as well.

What about Toshtemirov, he took bronze at the Asian Championships in Manama in 2022.

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