WWC 2023, Day 7 – Women’s 64 kg Results: almost an equal battle resulting with Colombia going ahead

Another great contest within the WWC Qualifying event in 2023 with lots of catchy and dramatic moments happened on Sunday, the 10th of September in Riyadh. The next pile of female weightlifters all around the world gathered in the major contest arena to take the leadership in the category of Women’s 64 kg.

Overall, the performance was quite dramatic and the atmosphere was thick: literally, a silver and bronze holders were one point behind the leader. So, we can admit that medalists were almost equal.

Category GoldSilverBronze
Snatch🇨🇴Llamosa Nathalia101 kg🇨🇴Rodriguez Julieth101 kg🇳🇬Ayodele Ruth100 kg
C&J🇰🇷Park Minkyng123 kg🇳🇬Ayodele Ruth122 kg🇨🇴Llamosa Nathalia122 kg
Total🇨🇴Llamosa Nathalia223 kg🇳🇬Ayodele Ruth222 kg🇰🇷Park Minkyng220 kg

Here are the best of the best athletes of this weight class who pleased us with the following results:

The gold medal moved to a representative of Colombia Nathalia Llamosa Mosquera who showed her peak shape and impressive lifts of 223 kg total, 101 kg in Snatch, and 122 kg in Clean & Jerk.

WWC In Riyadh Llamosa Nathalia
WWC In Riyadh Llamosa Nathalia

The silver award was taken by Ruth Ayodele from Nigeria who managed to lift 100 kg in Snatch, 122 kg of Clean & Jerk, and total she got 222 kg.

Park Minkyng from South Korea didn’t surpass her opponents in total results by performing two kilogrammes less than her opponents, with 97 kg in Snatch, 123 kg in Clean & Jerk, and getting 220 kg respectively.

Let’s say some words about today’s leaders who succeeded in getting on the podium. A gold medalist Nathalia Llamosa Mosquera from Colombia has already won bronze at the WWC in Bogota in 2022, and took three golds at the Pan-American Weightlifting Championships.

A Nigerian athlete Ruth Ayodele won two golds and one silver at the National Sports Festival Delta 2022, and now she was honoured to represent Nigeria at the WWC in Riyadh.

A bronze holder Park Minkyng from South Korea also got bronze at the World Weightlifting Championships in Tashkent in 2021.

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