WWC 2023, Day 10 – Women’s 76 kg Results: Egyptian Sara Ahmed prevailed in the category by getting three golds

This evening we were spectating the first competing category of the group A at the WWC Qualifying eve, Women’s 76 kg which gathered quite strong female lifters with great experience in participating at national and world competitions.

Category GoldSilverBronze
Snatch🇪🇬Ahmed Sara108 kg🇰🇷Kim Suhyeon106 kg🇨🇴Escobar Hellen106 kg
C&J🇪🇬Ahmed Sara138 kg🇨🇴Escobar Hellen136 kg🇪🇨Paredes Bella135 kg
Total🇪🇬Ahmed Sara256 kg🇨🇴Escobar Hellen242 kg🇪🇨Paredes Bella240 kg

The performance was thrilling, with lots of attempts to lift the targeted weights. Overall, we got the final list of winners in the Women’s 76 kg. Some of us expected such outcomes, but the rest were surprised with new leaders. So, let’s assess the medalists’ results:

The gold winner became an athlete from Egypt, Sara Ahmed who showed the best results in the category by clinching total gold: 108 kg in Snatch, 138 kg in C&J, and totals of 246 kg.

Ahmed Sara Snatch
Sara Ahmed from Egypt made a winning lift in Snatch of 108 kg

It needs to be mentioned that Sara Ahmed is the first Arab woman and the first Egyptian woman who gained the Olympic weightlifting medal in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. She won bronze in the category of 69 kg with the results of 112-143-255.

Sara Ahmed (Egypt) performed C&J of 138 kg from the first attempt

At the World Weightlifting Championships in Bogota in 2022, she presented Egypt in the weight category of 76 kg. She succeeded to three golds as well with the totals of 113-148-261.

Hellen Escobar from Colombia followed the leader with a gap of 4 kg. She lifted 242 in total, 106 kg in Snatch, and 136 kg in C&J, and secured the silver medal.

Hellen’s last win with gold was at the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador in 2023. Also, she ranked the 4th place at the World Weightlifting Championships in Bogota, by getting in total the same 242 kg, with 107 kg in Snatch and 135 kg in Clean&Jerk.

The bronze medalist was Bella Paredes from Ecuador who lifted 105 kg in Snatch, 135 kg in C&J, and the total result was 240 kg. 

The medalists of the category Women’s 76 kg: Kim Suhyeon, Bella Paredes, Sara Ahmed, and Hellen Escobar

Previously, Paredes won the silver medal in the 76 kg division at the Junior World Weightlifting Championships in Tashkent, and gold at the 2022 Junior World Weightlifting Championships in Heraklion. While at the World Championships in Bogota 2022, she managed to get bronze in Snatch of 108 kg.

Besides Egypt, Ecuador, and Colombia, a representative of South Korea Kim Suhyeon took silver in Snatch by lifting 106 kg. But, she didn’t succeed to save her ranking and failed to get to the Top 3.

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