WWC 2023, Day 11 – Women’s 87 kg Results: Solfrid gets ‘no lifts’, Manievska snatches with her arm broken, and Taiwan wins today

This evening’s competition session of the Women’s 87 kg category of the great WWC in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, brought us unexpected moments that influenced the overall ranking in the division. Let’s start from the supposed leader of the category, Koanda Solfrid from Norway. She failed all three attempts in lifting 115 kg in Snatch, resulting in the red lights.

The next unpleasant moment that ended up with serious trauma, happened to the Ukrainian athlete Anastasia Manievska: she broke her arm at the third attempt of the Snatch exercise. However, she lifted 106 kg, failed to do 108 kg at the second attempt, but the third one was her last.

Category GoldSilverBronze
Snatch🇹🇼Lo Ying-Yuan112 kg🇰🇷Jung Aram107 kg🇺🇦Manievska Anastasiia106 kg
C&J🇳🇴Solfrid Koandaxdxd🇨🇴Geles Yeinny138 kg🇰🇷Jung Aram134 kg
Total🇹🇼Lo Ying-Yuan245 kg🇨🇴Geles Yeinny244 kg🇰🇷Jung Aram241 kg

The first place was taken by the lifter from Taiwan Lo Ying-Yuan: she did her best by lifting 245 kg in total, 112 kg in Snatch, and 133 kg in Clean&Jerk. At the previous competition, the Asian Weightlifting Championships in Jinju, she also gained impressive results. She won two golds and one silver: her Snatch was of 110 kg and a total of 241 kg. So, today, she improved her results by several kilos.

Lo Ying-Yuan Gold Snatch 112kg
Lo Ying-Yuan lifted 112 kg in Snatch at the third attempt.

The silver medalist was Yeinny Geles from Colombia who received 244 kg in total, 106 kg in Snatch, and 138 kg in Clean&Jerk. Only one kilo left to get up to first place. She showed decent lifts at the Pan American Championships in Bogota in 2022 resulting in silver as well: her results were 111-138-249. Geles also competed at the Bolivian Games and South American Games by clinching bronze medals.

The bronze went to Jung A-ram from Korea: she secured third place with a total of 241 kg, by snatching 107 kg and clean&jerked 134 kg.

Solfrid Koanda C&J 156 kg on WWC 2023
Solfrid Koanda performed her winning C&J of 156 kg

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