8 Best Compact Rowing Machines in 2023

Some are picking up rowing machines for working out in the off-season, while others want to get full-body training instead of grueling workouts.

Considering the peculiarities of rowers that provide an overall body reshaping focusing on moderate cardio and strength training, these features make this equipment a must-have gear for a home gym. The best compact rowing machines we prepared for you to investigate aren’t an exception.

8 Best Compact Rowing Machines in 2023

If you’re limited in space, but can’t refuse from buying it, here’s a guide on compact rowing machine reviews. We offer decent options of foldable rowers you can work out at home with. Offering top tech specs and physical characteristics, you’ll choose a worthy variant concerning your fitness goals and free space availability.

Top 8 Best Compact Rowing Machines Reviewed

  1. ProForm 750R Folding Smart Rower – Top Pick
  2. Schwinn Crewmaster Rower – Runner-Up
  3. Sunny Space Saving Rowing Machine
  4. Circuit Fitness Deluxe Rowing Machine – Budget Pick
  5. Trunk Water Rowing Machine – Water Rowing Machine
  6. Sunny Upright Row-N-Ride Machine – Upright Rowing Machine
  7. Stamina Exercise Rowing Machine – Hydraulic Rowing Machine
  8. YOSUDA Rowing Machine
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Sunny Upright54.59999.599

1. ProForm 750R Folding Smart Rower

ProForm 750R Folding Smart Rower Top Pick
  • Item dimensions: 45.5” x 86.5” x 22”
  • Item weight: 116 lb
  • Resistance system: 24-level magnetic resistance
  • Display: 5” display
  • Slide rail length: no information
  • Weight capacity: 250 lb
  • Folding: foldable
  • Compatibility: iFit app, Bluetooth
  • Warranty: 5 years for frame, 1 year for parts & labor 

The ProForm rowing machine offers a superb low-impact full-body workout under the surveillance of a professional coach who will adjust your resistance automatically. This best compact rowing machine is equipped with an SMR silent magnetic resistance that guarantees smooth and quiet training.

You’ll get decent cardio training that will target multiple muscles with each stroke, so you’ll benefit greatly from superb full-body training. It has a 5” display where you can track standard metrics, i.e., time, distance, calories, and stroke cadence. Also, you get a 24-level resistance system that can be controlled by the trainer.

There’s a tablet holder that fits devices up to 7.5”, so you can place your gadget there and sync with the iFit application. The rower comes with a unique space-saver design: you can simply fold it up for a smaller footprint. 

ProForm rower is compatible with the iFit application that brings you dozens of perks to arrange your training at home. To say in short, you get a home rowing studio with a wide range of streaming, on-demand, and personalized workouts.

You can follow a trainer’s recommendations to make considerable progress, join on-demand workouts around the globe, and experience numerous fitness classes like cross-training workouts, stretching, strength training, etc. 

You get a free 30-day iFit trial period, so you can try any training session you’ll like most. Also, you can track your performance metrics that are recorded automatically. It’s possible to synchronize the rower with your device, so you can get all the stats in your pocket in several clicks. 

It’s also possible to use the rower without iFit: it has 20 built-in workouts.


The ProForm rowing machine offers a superb low-impact full-body workout under the surveillance of a professional coach who will adjust your resistance automatically.



  • auto-adjustable resistance by syncing with the iFit app
  • Built-in training programs
  • Silent flywheel performance
  • Pivoting foot pedals

Could be better:

  • Need to prolong the iFit membership

2. Schwinn Crewmaster Rower

Schwinn Crewmaster Rower
  • Item dimensions: 31.7” x 89.1” x 21.1” (folded: 57” x 51” x 21.1”)
  • Item weight: 90 lb
  • Resistance system: 10-level magnetic resistance
  • Display: LCD tilting display
  • Slide rail length: no information
  • Weight capacity: 300 lb
  • Folding: foldable
  • Compatibility: telemetry heart rate monitoring
  • Warranty: 10 years for frame, 3 years for parts, 1 year for labor

Schwinn presents a reliable and well-made rowing machine that features all the standard specifications that will be enough to train the whole body. It's equipped with an LCD display enabling you to track time, distance, strokes, calories, recovery time, and heart rate. The console can be adjusted in line with your sight, so it adapts to your height and brings comfort while using it.

Schwinn Crewmaster Rower Instagram
Photo by @schwinnfitness

Additionally, this rowing machine has a wide steel seat rail that glides smoothly with each stroke. This rowing machine for apartment is foldable which enables you to save enough space: you just need to stow the rail vertically. You can anchor your feet securely to the stable row pedals that will fit your size and fix your feet with adjustable straps.

You can change the resistance level by twisting the resistance knob and choosing the proper tension that will be applied to the nylon transmission belt. Overall, you'll get 10 levels of magnetic resistance to add complexity to each stroke.


Schwinn presents a reliable and well-made rowing machine that features all the standard specifications that will be enough to train the whole body.



  • Has adjustable console
  • Can be synced with a telemetry HR chest strap
  • Smooth nylon strap brings good tension

Could be better:

  • Isn't compatible with any application

3. Sunny Space Saving Rowing Machine

Sunny Space Saving Rowing Machine
  • Item dimensions: 72.5” x 18.5” x 25” (folded: 25” x 18.5” x 72.5”)
  • Item weight: 49.4 lb
  • Resistance system: 16-level of magnetic resistance
  • Display: digital monitor
  • Slide rail length: 44”
  • Weight capacity: 285 lb
  • Folding: foldable
  • Compatibility: Sunny Health&Fitness app with Bluetooth connection
  • Warranty: 3 years for frame, 180 days for parts and components

This is another fitness machine for home rowing workouts that is worth your attention. It can help you to work out your upper and lower body, as well as the core by providing a low impact on your joints.

You can easily track your progress with the digital display showing your time, total count, calories, and scan. For more information and better interactivity, you can download the Sunny Health & Fitness application on your device and start training with professional trainers. You can view online videos of Sunny fitness workout routine during the rowing itself by placing your gadget on the device holder stand.

The Sunny compact rowing machine for home is equipped with a cushioned seat and non-slip pedals with adjustable straps that will fit any size. You’ll get the maximum possible comfort while rowing without extra pressure on your legs and glute muscles. Also, the rower is space efficient: you can simply tilt it up for upright storage, by pushing it away with the help of transportation wheels.


The Sunny compact rowing machine for home is equipped with a cushioned seat and non-slip pedals with adjustable straps that will fit any size.



  • A good option for beginners
  • Quiet operation of the magnetic resistance system
  • Lightweight, can be stored upright in the corner

Could be better:

  • Foot pedals and straps may seem quite big for small feet size
  • Doesn’t provide distance metrics

4. Circuit Fitness Deluxe Rowing Machine

Circuit Fitness Deluxe Rowing Machine
  • Item dimensions: 72” x 19” x 38.5” (folded: 36" x 19” x 53.5")
  • Item weight: 72 lb
  • Resistance system: 8-level magnetic resistance
  • Display: LCD display
  • Slide rail length: no information
  • Weight capacity: 300 lb
  • Folding: foldable
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth, Kinomap app
  • Warranty: 2 years from the frame

By utilizing this rowing equipment, you’ll succeed in increasing your cardiovascular capabilities and develop a well-fitted upper and lower body. It features a magnetic 9 lb flywheel that brings a smooth and efficient workout. You can change the resistance level according to your physical conditioning with the lever, so your rowing still be challenging and effective.

Additionally, to diversify your rowing session, you can install the Kinomap application on your device. It can be easily synced with the rower via Bluetooth, and you’ll tune up a personalized workout concerning your goals.

The rowing machine itself has an LCD monitor allowing you to track some metrics while training, i.e., time, distance, calories, SPM, and total count. Also, there’s an option to track your heart rate, but you need to connect the rowing machine to a chest strap to see what pulse zone you’re working out.

The pedals come with an anti-slip design for better comfort while rowing, and it has customizable foot straps to fit people of all sizes. It’s easy to fold and unfold while taking up little room when the slide rail is in the upright position.


This rowing machine features a magnetic 9 lb flywheel that brings a smooth and efficient workout.



  • Has a comfortable cushioned seat
  • Will be a decent rower for starters
  • Requires little space to store

Could be better:

  • Footrests don’t move during the pull and glide
  • Has an outdated resistance system

5. Trunk Water Rowing Machine

Trunk Water Rowing Machine
  • Item dimensions: 82” x 22” x 20”
  • Item weight: 64 lb
  • Resistance system: water resistance mechanism
  • Display: LCD monitor
  • Slide rail length: 48”
  • Weight capacity: 330 lb
  • Folding: foldable
  • Compatibility: FitShow app, Bluetooth
  • Warranty: no information

This is a one-of-a-kind rowing machine with a water-resistance mechanism made from real solid wood timber. The ergonomic handles are also made from wood which makes this rower look unusual for a standard gym rowing tool. Like any rowing machine, it also brings an effective full-body workout that will help to promote general physical conditioning. Meanwhile, it offers a low-impact load on knees and joints.

The machine can be folded easily and moved smoothly with two rollers on the bottom. Don’t worry, a transparent water tank doesn’t prevent the 180-degree folding mechanism. Speaking about the tank, it’s made of sturdy polycarbonate, with a diameter of 22”.

The rowing machine features an LCD display that shows your stats during the workout: time, distance, 500M split time, and SPM which allows you to get your fitness goals. By downloading the FitShow application, you can get a personalized rowing workout by choosing a training session according to your fitness level.

Being a little thing, still, you get the equipment packaged in two parcels, with a waterproof dust cover included.


Trunk water rowing machine is a one-of-a-kind rowing machine with a water-resistance mechanism made from real solid wood timber.



  • Water provides variable resistance depending on your rowing tempo
  • Can hear water splashing when rowing
  • Mimics the feel of outdoor rowing

Could be better:

  • Wooden handles may be slipping, the extra grip is needed
  • Need to buy an HR chest strap separately to track your pulse

6. Sunny Upright Row-N-Ride Machine

Sunny Upright Row-N-Ride Machine
  • Item dimensions: 50" x 19.3" x 45.3" (folded: 55.7" x 19.3" x 11.4")
  • Item weight: 27.3 lb
  • Resistance system: manual by adjusting the resistance bands
  • Display: LCD display
  • Slide rail length: no slide rail
  • Weight capacity: 220 lb
  • Folding: foldable
  • Compatibility: no compatibility
  • Warranty: 1 year for frame, 180 days for parts and components

Despite its exquisite construction, this space-saving rowing machine with an upright position from Sunny Health & Fitness will bring to you sufficient load on your glutes, quads, and hamstrings by mimicking real squatting.

Besides strengthening your leg muscles, you'll work out your upper body as well, including shoulders, arms, back, and core muscles. So, this mini rowing machine enables training several muscle groups at a time facilitating compound movements. While you won't get excessive tension on the joints and knees.

The rowing machine comes with an LCD monitor allowing you to track your time, calories, and total count. You also get a 4-way adjustable seat with 3 levels of incline, and 2-way adjustable handlebars.

You just need to loosen the knob and pull, raise, or lower the handlebar tube to the desired height. To adjust the seat you should loosen and remove the knob and move the seat to the desired position, and then re-tighten the knob. 

To intensify your rowing, you can add or subtract 3-level adjustable resistance bands. At the same time, each band is around 22 lb of resistance.

Despite it's not compatible with any fitness app and platform, you can download the SunnyFit application on your device and watch online workout videos. So, you can improve your training performance.


This mini rowing machine from Sunny Health & Fitness enables training several muscle groups at a time facilitating compound movements.



  • Lightweight and easily foldable
  • Can train to squat by switching the seat incline at 30, 60, and 90 degrees
  • Can fit people with knee and back issues

Could be better:

  • There's no option to connect the rower to any fitness application
  • To adjust the resistance you need to add or remove the resistance bands

7. Stamina Exercise Rowing Machine

Stamina Exercise Rowing Machine
  • Item dimensions: 19" x 57" x 24"
  • Item weight: 27 lb
  • Resistance system: 5-level hydraulic mechanism
  • Display: LCD display
  • Slide rail length: no slide rail
  • Weight capacity: 250 lb
  • Folding: foldable
  • Compatibility: Müüv app
  • Warranty: 1 year for frame, 90 days for parts

Here you are one of the smallest rowing machines in the list. This is a straightforward and convenient piece of equipment for a cardio workout that aims to strengthen the total body. You'll improve your muscle tone and cut belly fat while getting a moderate load on your cardiovascular system.

The rowing machine is connected to the Müüv application, which is a smart audio coaching platform. Müüv offers you more than 500 minutes per month a mix of cardio, strength workouts, and bringing flexibility to your body health. You'll receive personalized audio coaching, a follow-along assembly video, and an ad-free music listening experience from iHeartRadio.

There are 5 levels of resistance: you can change the intensity of training by adjusting the resistance pin. The LCD monitor displays your distance, time, SPM, and calories. When you quit the workout, you can fold the machine easily on its end and place it in the corner.


Stamina is one of the smallest rowing machines in the list. This is a straightforward and convenient piece of equipment for a cardio workout that aims to strengthen the total body.



  • Small footprint that can be folded on the end
  • A good basic training machine for beginners
  • Smooth gliding without noise

Could be better:

  • No option to adjust the tension properly
  • Not enough sturdy frame

8. YOSUDA Rowing Machine

YOSUDA Rowing Machine
  • Item dimensions: 60.6” x 21.1” x 26”
  • Item weight: no information
  • Resistance system: 16-level magnetic resistance
  • Display: LCD monitor
  • Slide rail length: 45.3”
  • Weight capacity: 265 lb
  • Folding: foldable
  • Compatibility: no compatibility
  • Warranty: 3 years

Like other conventional small rowing machines in the list, this gear engages around 90% of our muscle groups, by bringing users high-calorie-burning exercise. It can be perfect for rehabilitation treatment, weight loss, body conditioning improvement, and strength training.

It’s equipped with 16 levels of magnetic resistance that will help you to choose a suitable tension according to your capabilities. You can choose a particular tension level considering your preferences: whether you want recovery training (1-4 levels), a cardio workout (5-8 levels), gain stamina (9-12 resistance levels), or 13-16 for growing and stabilizing your muscles.

An LCD monitor shows time, count, SPM, distance, and calories burned during the workout session. The magnetic resistance mechanism operates smoothly and quietly, and you can easily slide while rowing without interruption. The machine’s slide length fits athletes with a 6’2” maximum height.


YOSUDA rowing machine can be perfect for rehabilitation treatment, weight loss, body conditioning improvement, and strength training.



  • Can be used for the rehab period due to a wide range of resistance levels
  • Fits people of 6'2" height
  • Takes 3.2 ft² after being stowed upright

Could be better:

  • Could have a better grip of handles, may feel slipping while intense rowing
  • Isn’t compatible with any applications
  • No option to track your heart rate


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What Are the Benefits of Using a Compact Rowing Machine?

No matter what type of sports equipment you’re intended to buy, particularly what type of rowing machine you’d like to possess, this gear will definitely benefit your condition and enhance your performance in a specific training activity. So, by using compact foldable rowing machines, you’ll get the following advantages.

✅ Easy Storage and Transportation

Speaking about compact rowers, this aspect is a must-have one as you want to save some space in your apartments. Choosing a rowing machine of a smaller size enables you to fold and unfold it easily without taking up much space.

You also can store such machines in the corner or wardrobe in the upright position. Having transportation wheels simplify its replacement and the rower won’t bother you in executing home chores.

✅ Option to Fold the Equipment

The possibility to fold and unfold a rowing machine is highly vital for several obvious reasons: generally, a foldable rower takes too much space as it has a quite long slide rail, and a foldable gear can benefit those people who are engaged in regular training.

So, with daily rowing sessions, they need to fold and unfold the machine out of the living space. With a foldability option, you can get a smaller footprint by putting a rower vertically and saving more floor space. 

Although you should check the next aspect: sometimes, it’s possible that a foldable rowing machine still takes more space than a small model, which doesn’t require to be folded at all. For instance, considering the rowing machines from our list, Stamina and Sunny Upright rowers are the most compact ones, despite having no slide rail like standard rowing machines.

Workout on rower

✅ Item Weight

Since we’re talking about small compact rowing machines, their dimensions influence the weight and consequently the weight capacity. The more lightweight the rower is, the easier you can move it around your apartment and even lift it from one side to stick it to the corner. 

The most lightweight models that we have are the rowers with unusual designs which are Stamina and Sunny Upright exercise machines - their weight is 27 lb, while the Sunny Space Saving rower which is 49.4 lb is the third most lightweight gear on our rating.

✅ Low Possibility of Injuries

Being a low-impact training, rowing minimizes injury risk, making it a fitting sports equipment for people with joint or back issues. It brings mild and gentle influence on your joints and muscles, making it perfect for starters in rowing or people who need recovery and rehabilitation. Thus, you can work with the highest resistance by getting the lowest impact on your body.

✅ Cardio Training That Targets the Whole Body

Rowing incorporates the whole body muscles during each phase of the rowing motion. It works out your legs, arms, core, and back. The first part of the rowing movement is activating your legs, then you involve the glute and back muscles to bring extra pulling force. The motion ends up with arms and shoulders activation to finish the stroke. This is also a cardio workout that enhances your cardiovascular system.

Rowing incorporates the whole body muscles

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Compact Rowing Machine

1. Specifications and Console

When you're searching for a compact rowing machine, you should consider what features are of high priority for you. That means whether you want to get a highly interactive rowing machine, which can be connected to specific applications and have a range of built-in training programs.

Maybe you want to be coached by a personal trainer or get access to rowing group classes. Another option is to choose a rowing machine with a basic display or interactive monitor with Bluetooth connectivity to pair the machine with your device via an application.

The majority of displays show standard metrics such as time, count, SPM, calories, and distance. More advanced ones have additional perks like tracking athletes’ heart rates and switching to the mode of pre-set programs.

2. Slide Rail Features

Another important aspect, besides the gear dimensions and weight, is the slide rail length. The rail quality also influences the way you glide, seat stability, and generally smooth movements. Some rowing machines have a double rail system, others come with a wider rail. This point refers to the maximum weight capacity. 

3. Option of Foldability

When looking for a compact rowing machine, foldability is a key point to consider. You should know how much space you can leave for a rowing machine and check the dimensions of the chosen gears.

4. Resistance Level

Another vital factor when choosing a rowing machine is the opportunity to change the resistance level to make your training more challenging. Here we have mostly magnetic-resistance rowers, with one model of a water tension mechanism.

Specimens with a magnetic resistance system have a resistance knob that can be twisted, this way to increase or decrease the resistance. Rowing machines with water tanks work this way: the more you pull, the greater tension you will get.

choosing a rowing machine

Tips for Most Effective Compact Rowing Machine Usage

1. Set up the Machine Correctly

After unpacking the rowing machine, follow the user manual carefully to assemble it properly. The majority of manufacturers say that you need one hour at the maximum to assemble the equipment on your own or with the help of your fellow. So, there won’t be any issues. 

Then, you should learn the functionality of the rower, display features, and the tool’s design generally. You should place your feet well and adjust them with the strap to fix them securely to be able to perform a powerful stroke and still remain in place. Next, you need to set up a corresponding resistance level to feel good tension while rowing.

2. Follow the Proper Technique

There are four phases while performing the rowing stroke: catch, drive, finish, and recovery. You involve different muscles to complete the movement in each stage. For instance, in the catch phase, you glide the saddle forward with your shins perpendicularly to the floor.

You keep the arms straight and the upper body is slightly leaning forward from the hips. Here, you need to find the best comfortable position to generate power. At the drive stage, you push against the platform with your legs by moving your upper body into an upright position, and by pulling your arms back in a straight line.

The finish phase involves your core which helps to move your upper body back. Also, you’re extending your legs by holding the handles at the mid-body, shoulders down, and wrists straight. Finally, during the recovery phase, you extend the arms and lean forward. You bend the knees and slide the saddle forward, returning to the initial position.

3. Avoid Common Mistakes While Rowing

Some athletes, especially beginners, neglect to adhere to the correct rowing technique as they want to row as quickly as possible, thinking that speed is a pivot point in this exercise. However, the minority of newbies in rowing try to preserve the proper body form while working out. So, let’s enumerate some mistakes you’d better avoid:

  • Hunching your back instead of keeping the posture straight. In the catch phase, you need to push your shoulders back and down to open your chest. It’s better to breathe deeply and activate the core with your back straight.
  • Raising your hands too high while rowing takes more energy than it’s necessary. It’s better to pull the handles to your chest. To make this movement right, you should pull the handlebar towards your ribs by incorporating upper-back muscles. Then, your elbows should bend and your forearms are on the level of the rib cage.
  • Not keeping your knees in line with your hips. Avoid flopping your knees wide and don’t keep them relaxed. You should tighten your legs to generate powerful rowing.
  • Avoid unnecessary tension by doing a dead grip, instead hold the handles with your three fingers placed on the outside.
Space-Saving Rowing Machine Work


How Does a Space-Saving Rowing Machine Work?

A space-saving rowing machine has the same working mechanism as any other commercial rower at the gym. It mimics the motions of real rowing by activating the whole body to perform each stroking phase. As usual, it gives you a sufficient cardio workout and improves aerobic capabilities most, by toning your body.

Before getting started to row, you need to set the appropriate resistance level to add sufficient load to your muscles. 

The rowing motion is intuitive enough and it's easy to tune it up to perform as automatically. You can remember the sequence rule of "legs, core, arms" and "arms, core, legs" backward to excel in your technique.

Is a Mini Rowing Machine as Effective as a Regular-Size One?

Sure, there's no difference in training efficiency between a mini rowing machine and a standard one as the working mechanism is the same. In both cases, you get an incredible strength and cardio workout that assists to build muscles up by gradually increasing the resistance level. 

There's no difference what the dimensions of the rowing machine are, consistency and proper regime matter in this case: you'll succeed to gain better results with regular training and your desire to improve your performance. Both with a compact and regular-size rower workout, you'll strengthen your upper and lower body, core, and cardiovascular stamina.

man is Rowing


Having presented a consistent guide on the top compact rowing machines of diverse technical specs and features, we believe you’ll choose the best rowing machine for small apartments that meets your needs at the best.

Considering the variety of models, we advise you to pay attention to our top pick tool which is ProForm 750R. This is a worthy solution for your query to find a space-saving option that will become a good addition to your home gym.

This stellar rowing machine for small spaces will benefit you thanks to its wide range of functionality and will bring a unique rowing experience to challenge your body. You’ll build endurance and strength through interval training that will make you sweat. So, if you’re looking for something innovative and with more interactive options, consider this model. 

Do you have some questions about how to pick up or where to buy high-quality fitness equipment for indoor rowing? Feel free to write to us, tell us your prior sports experience, or what aspects to prioritize to select a fitting rowing machine for your fitness goals.

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